Yearly tracking for 2024

Time for the yearly tracking post! I’m making some changes to my spreadsheet of doom this year, so it’s time to document that.


So, hi! I am continuing to be a busy person. The actual reason for a lot of this tracking is managing chronic health foo, and figuring out if I’m starting to see something flare (or cause more issues) so I can do something about that fast.

And then I also want to keep an eye on what I’m getting done (and not getting done), so I can make progress on the stuff I care about.

What I do

  • Day job as a research librarian: Right now I’m in the office two or three days a week (I alternate Mondays with the other person in the office.)
  • A lot of writing and self-publishing: This involves both making new words happen, but also a bunch of writing admin, publishing steps, documentation, etc. New this year: more tracking for the admin stuff.
  • Priestess of a small religious witchcraft coven: I want to keep track both of stuff in my own personal practice and of the time spent on group stuff and some other community pieces.
  • Embodied life stuff: Various health markers (explained when we get there), if there’s been unusual strain on my body, etc. Also just plain household maintenance stuff like cleaning and cooking.
  • Time with friends, on hobbies, other small projects. Like you do.

Read on for (a lot) more details and images.

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Witch in Practice – early spring edition

It’s been a bit since I did an update, and I’m not going to go through all the various details, but here’s how things are going:


We continue to have four Dedicants – we’re just at the halfway mark for classes right now, which is great.

We’re currently sorting out details to do Beltane in person (in my apartment, we don’t have a good option for outdoor space that is both transit accessible and has a sufficient lack of interruptions). While I (specifically myself) still need to be cautious about Covid, I think we’re at a point where we can make this work with some thought.

(There are two particular complications here for me. One is that if I do get more than marginally ill, quite possibly means putting the coven on hiatus. Having already had massive exhaustion and brain fog from a previous viral infection back in 2009, I’m more prone to it again, and that’s no way to run a coven. The second is that my ongoing chronic stuff basically means I always have some degree of cough, some degree of sniffling from allergies, and some degree of minor aches, which can make it hard to tell if there’s anything else going on in my body.)

On the other hand, I really really miss having coven in person, at least sometimes, so I’m hoping that “Sabbats in person with some precautions and carefulness” with classes and discussions online (which work fine, and save everyone else transit time and save me house cleaning on a schedule) will work out. And as I’ve said to a friend, if you can’t trust your coven to be honest with you about health stuff before they come over, you are probably doing something wrong, because “perfect love and perfect trust” ought to apply here.

So basically, I’m at “this is where I want to spend my risk budget”, and going to trust it’ll be okay (after some specific consultation with my doctors, including this week with my allergist, who is the one most likely to make faces at the state of my lungs. They’re actually doing really well right now, because it turns out three years with only one respiratory infection is really good for me.)

What we’re doing, for a group of seven people.

  • Testing beforehand (the morning of)
  • Staying home if there’s any doubt (the people with kids are using their best judgement re: their kids, because, well, toddler in childcare gets everything, and so do teenagers.)
  • I will have multiple air filters and a fan running to improve ventilation, likely also the windows open.
  • People who want to mask can mask. (It’s my apartment, so I’m a little at “let me think if that’s worth doing” for myself, since people will be in my living room, bathroom, and the kitchen between them at various points, though I can let all the filters run for a bit before venturing out into them.)

Other things

A lot of my time and energy has been going into the fiction writing, and I’m very excited about the books coming out in May and June, which among other things include the 1940 Lammas ritual (as discussed by Gerald Gardner and some other sources, though how reliable that information is is an entirely different question) intended to keep Hitler on the far side of the Channel. I’m very pleased with how it came out, and a chance to dig into some specific bits of witchcraft history.

Yearly tracking for 2023

It is the time of year when I have both updated my tracking plans for the year, and can actually post about them.

I don’t have a lot of changes from last year in terms of the overall system (a journal in which I do a weekly layout to help me see what’s coming up, daily notes in Obsidian, and a tracking spreadsheet to rule them all…)

And even the spreadsheet is mostly the same.

In other words, go look at last year’s posts for the details.

However, I did want to highlight a couple of spreadsheet changes in case they’re useful for anyone else.

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Witch in Practice – Leo and Virgo seasons

I managed not to do a writeup in August (August is just a hard month, all.) And tomorrow’s my birthday, so doing this today.


Two bits of big exciting news since my last post.

First, if all goes well, we will have a new initiate Sunday night. We’ve been trying to figure out the timing for this for a while, and September hit “as good as we’re going to get for being in close proximity in a ritual where we can’t mask.” for timing as we’re likely to get. We did the pre-cursor part for our tradition initiation last week, and it was the first time I’d had anyone in my apartment (other than brief landlord things) since March of 2020.

(A non-trivial part of my initiation prep has been “mop all the floors thoroughly” and decluttering more visible bits of what will be in line of sight for the initiation proper.)

I have been saying that it puts a different spin on “perfect love and perfect trust”, modified by a bit of science. I still need to continue being cautious for health reasons (I am still masking at work and avoiding face to face conversations when there are other options) so this is pretty far into my risk budget, comparatively.

For people contemplating similar things, we are testing beforehand, and being good about communicating possible exposures. We also have a backup date already planned if we need it. I have good air filters, and I’m going to leave my bedroom closed up so that when we’re done I can retreat there for the rest of the night and let the filters do their thing some more. (I also got my booster last week, so it will be close to full effect by the time we do the initiation.)

Second, we have four brand new Dedicants. I’m very excited to get into the classes of Dedicant year with them! I spent August wrapping up the last Seeker classes with them.


I got to do a communal Lughnasadh ritual with two college friends and their families in early August. We hadn’t done it for two years for the obvious reasons, and it was really great to see them, see their kids, and have those bits of tradition back. (And it being three households, one of them just me, and outside except for bathroom access made it a lot easier for us to think through risks and concerns.)

I had an astrology reading focused on fixed stars and some remediation in early September with Amaya Rourke of Empress Craft, which was fantastic, and I’m working on building some of what came out of that into my witchy and devotional practice.


I have been hard at work on the writing. The book launch I’m particularly nervous about is coming November 4th, but I’ve had some other good things to share (and August’s book release did nicely.) I’m currently enmeshed in a book where one of the plots has to do with witchcraft rituals to keep Hitler on the other side of the channel in the summer of 1940, which is an interesting challenge to write.

The rest of my head has been rather busily taken up with one of my roleplaying characters. This is a Deliria game (think the intersection of our world and faerie – and fairy tales.) It’s been one of those glorious times when the character experiences have me thinking about a whole lot of how I want to be in the world, and what that looks like, as well as being a great deal of fun in play. It’s also produced a great playlist.

(Isobel, my character, is currently busily working on embroidering something for Thomas, and building as much magic into it as she can wrangle. As you do when you’ve fallen in love unexpectedly. And had some other complicated initiatory magical events that have completely rewritten your idea of what you want to be doing with yourself.)

Witch in Practice – Cancer season


We’ve started with a new series of Seekers, and those conversations are going really well so far! Our first Seeker class was on June 18th, the second was on July 9th, and our third is coming up on Saturday.

We’ve also had:

  • Two chats
  • Initiate discussion
  • And discussion about what we want to look at reading and doing for that next.


My personal practice has been on the quieter side. I’ve finished doing a whole bunch of early Wiccan history reading for an upcoming book (I have some more things I may nose around at, but I have done enough to write the outline the way I needed to.)

Rest of my life

Writing is going well, though I have a book about to go into editing and one I’m about to start writing that are both leveling up books (and so I am nervous and excited about how that’s going to go.)

Summer is not my best season (and also, I have a whole bunch of medical appointments, and while they have all individually been going quite well, they’re tiring.) So it’s been a lot of “do the thing, fall over.” around here, but that at least often comes with a purring cat.

Job descriptions

Our initiate discussion group for the coven has been working through Thorn Mooney’s The Witch’s Path, a chapter a month (it has been great for that!). We’re on the last chapter now, and one of the possible exercises involves writing up a description of what’s your job (specific to your witchcraft and/or group participation) and what isn’t.

This happened to coincide this weekend with a couple of emails and a couple of discussions online that made me want to sit down and figure out where my lines are (what’s mine to do, what’s not mine to do.) I’m quite certain I’ll continue to adjust and add things (and possibly remove some things) but I thought the draft might be helpful.

Below, I talk about several different constellations of things:

  • The larger context of my life (everything going on that isn’t the explicitly witchy bits)
  • My personal practice
  • Coven life
  • Larger community interactions as a priestess
  • Things that are not my job
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Witch in Practice – Gemini season

(And catching up a bit since April!)


We have been cheerfully chugging along as a coven. We’re currently trying to figure out when to schedule an initiation (I still need to be cautious, and that involves a couple of hours of unmasked time in a not very large room…)

We have had:

  • Beltane
  • Initiate discussion in May and June (Still working through Thorn Mooney’s The Witch’s Path which continues to be a really good choice for this.)
  • Litha ritual

And, excitement! A new round of Seeker classes. We have five Seekers starting class with us, and the first class on June 18th was great – some good discussion, a nice mix of people and perspectives, and I’m excited to continue.


My personal witchy life is also going along contentedly, if quietly. I’ve been doing a bit of personal study, and a fair bit of reading about witchcraft (or possible witchcraft…) in the New Forest in 1939 and 1940 (as research for an upcoming book, the novel I’m going to start writing in August.)

This is a lot more research than I usually do (or at least a lot more detailed) but I’m trying to build a timeline of specific events to riff on. Good news, no one can agree on when the rituals to keep Hitler on the far side of the Channel happened (or if they happened) nor who was there. Bad news, no one can agree….

(This leaves me quite a lot of fictional space, which is actually quite useful for my goals for the book, but it’s taking me more wrangling time than I usually plan on. On the plus side, I’m getting to read some really interesting history and connections between bits of it.)


There’s a reason I didn’t manage to update last month – a regular check-in with my doctor in April found a bunch of stuff had tipped from “Let’s keep an eye on that” to “That is worrying directions” (Nothing imminently dire, but – yeah, let’s fix that.)

Two new meds, two med changes, some side effects, and three new medical provider appointments later…

(One of those medical appointments was because my primary care was leaving the practice, and I wanted to start off with the new one.)

Things are going on a much better trend, but I have several more related appointments this summer (and two more routine maintenance ones.) None of which are my favourite way to spend time, and some of the things I need to do are still taking a lot of time, energy, and mental processing space.

Writing continues to go well. I’m hoping to have some mental space to poke at some new ideas for the chats and other material I was doing through the spring sometime soon, so keep an eye here, Patreon, or the Discord if you want updates on that. (Sometime. Probably not until sometime in July.)

Witch in Practice: Aries


A quiet month – we have continued our discussion of The Witch’s Path by Thorn Mooney, which continues to be a great book for this purpose.

We’re hoping to get together for a picnic for Beltane (outside, unmasked) which would be very exciting.


Low-key for me, largely due to medical reasons (see below). I have been steadily working on notes about what was going on in witchcraft and esoteric circles in (mostly) England in 1939 and 1940, in service of the book I’m going to be working starting in August (half of the plot has to do wtih the magical work to repel Hitler from crossing the Channel.)

It’s a fascinating mix of things I’d read or come across before and new tidbits that make me blink. Not directly related to my doing of witchcraft but still relevant. (Most of the stories that we have are decidedly more “Craft myth” than anything that can be documented or proven. Fortunately for my fiction to be written, since this also leaves me a lot of space to move around in.)

Mostly, though, my personal practice has been very low-key and quiet, bar attending an online ritual via the Cornucopia Collective, focused on Mercury and Rosmerta, two of my favourites. (A previous ritual from Shelley is what introduced me to working with them, and I honour them particularly related to my writing and related abundance in its many forms.)


A bit rocky, thanks to a routine doctor’s appointment at the beginning of April finding I’d tipped over into “Let’s add two meds we’ve been on the edge of for a while” and a dose change in another. I have an endocrinologist appointment at the end of May, when there may be some more adjustments.

Health work is sort of tiring all by itself, but I had a temporary but wobbly-making reaction to one of the new meds (now much improved, and it’s working, so that’s fine), and the other one has fatigue as a side effect, and yep, that’s me.

(I’m at about 2017 levels of fatigue – my awful health crash was 2009-2010, and this is not that complete exhaustion, but 2017 levels mean I have to carefully pick and choose how much activity I do of basically all kinds. It’s annoying to be back here after a couple of years of “I can clean *and* go for a walk *and* cook something that takes multiple steps for dinner” being an option on the same day pretty reliably. On the other hand, I have coping skills for this, and I’m using them.)

However, it also comes with me going from basically fine to ‘entirely out of me’ with not a ton of notice, especially later in the afternoon or evening, which is… an annoying limit. And makes witchy stuff more complicated.

Witch in Practice : Pisces season


  • Initiate discussion (still working on Thorn Mooney’s The Witch’s Path which is producing some really great discussion and chances to talk through specific pieces of practices.)
  • Ostara (recommitting to our goals for the year, since Imbolc was less of a ritual than we’d hoped.)

A chat with the initiate who’s been on leave for the past six months ended up at “too many other things in her life right now”. (She is welcome back any time, she’s juggling a lot!)

Witchy stuff

My February and March were largely eaten by writing an attack novel, so I have been light on my own practice and learning on the witchy side. However, I’ve started (in the previous week or so) taking notes for a writing project that involves figuring out who was around the New Forest doing witchy things, specifically in the September 1939 to September 1940 time frame.

This involves a lot of delightful comparison of sources. (I’m really enjoying Michael Howard’s Modern Wicca on this front, for a combo of well-cited info, and putting it in a useful sequence.)

Other life

As of a week ago, I’m commuting two days a week again. Which eats a lot of energy. However, it’s nice to see my stacks and collection. The writing is going great (see the attack novel – I wrote 90K words in 32 days, through the first week in March.)

Witch in Practice – Aquarius season

A little late, not least because it’s been a pretty quiet monthish around here.


We’ve been particularly quiet here – we had Imbolc ritual on February 5th, modified last minute because I hit some of my chronic health issues flaring, and was in the land of “probably shouldn’t pick up things I don’t want to break” (among other issues, but some of my stuff makes me extra clumsy during a flare, which does not go well with ritual safety in several dimensions.)


On the personal front, I’ve been slowly puttering through some ongoing reading and thinking (astrology, some other topics, ongoing slow-pased working through a course.) Work has produced a couple of sizeable projects starting in the middle of January, and so I’ve been busy with that with my brain.

(Usually I have ongoing shorter reference questions, one biggish project, and some ongoing stuff, so when it’s the questions and three biggish projects all at once, it’s a bit more demanding juggling them.)

The rest of my life

The current writing projects have been going fantastically, so I’ve been making the most of wordcount opportunities. I’ve also had a lot of fun with several bits of role-playing games currently in my life, and a moderate amount of reading for pleasure. Again, nothing flashy, mostly quiet, but satisfying.