Witch in Practice – Aquarius season

A little late, not least because it’s been a pretty quiet monthish around here.


We’ve been particularly quiet here – we had Imbolc ritual on February 5th, modified last minute because I hit some of my chronic health issues flaring, and was in the land of “probably shouldn’t pick up things I don’t want to break” (among other issues, but some of my stuff makes me extra clumsy during a flare, which does not go well with ritual safety in several dimensions.)


On the personal front, I’ve been slowly puttering through some ongoing reading and thinking (astrology, some other topics, ongoing slow-pased working through a course.) Work has produced a couple of sizeable projects starting in the middle of January, and so I’ve been busy with that with my brain.

(Usually I have ongoing shorter reference questions, one biggish project, and some ongoing stuff, so when it’s the questions and three biggish projects all at once, it’s a bit more demanding juggling them.)

The rest of my life

The current writing projects have been going fantastically, so I’ve been making the most of wordcount opportunities. I’ve also had a lot of fun with several bits of role-playing games currently in my life, and a moderate amount of reading for pleasure. Again, nothing flashy, mostly quiet, but satisfying.

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