Witch in Practice: Aries


A quiet month – we have continued our discussion of The Witch’s Path by Thorn Mooney, which continues to be a great book for this purpose.

We’re hoping to get together for a picnic for Beltane (outside, unmasked) which would be very exciting.


Low-key for me, largely due to medical reasons (see below). I have been steadily working on notes about what was going on in witchcraft and esoteric circles in (mostly) England in 1939 and 1940, in service of the book I’m going to be working starting in August (half of the plot has to do wtih the magical work to repel Hitler from crossing the Channel.)

It’s a fascinating mix of things I’d read or come across before and new tidbits that make me blink. Not directly related to my doing of witchcraft but still relevant. (Most of the stories that we have are decidedly more “Craft myth” than anything that can be documented or proven. Fortunately for my fiction to be written, since this also leaves me a lot of space to move around in.)

Mostly, though, my personal practice has been very low-key and quiet, bar attending an online ritual via the Cornucopia Collective, focused on Mercury and Rosmerta, two of my favourites. (A previous ritual from Shelley is what introduced me to working with them, and I honour them particularly related to my writing and related abundance in its many forms.)


A bit rocky, thanks to a routine doctor’s appointment at the beginning of April finding I’d tipped over into “Let’s add two meds we’ve been on the edge of for a while” and a dose change in another. I have an endocrinologist appointment at the end of May, when there may be some more adjustments.

Health work is sort of tiring all by itself, but I had a temporary but wobbly-making reaction to one of the new meds (now much improved, and it’s working, so that’s fine), and the other one has fatigue as a side effect, and yep, that’s me.

(I’m at about 2017 levels of fatigue – my awful health crash was 2009-2010, and this is not that complete exhaustion, but 2017 levels mean I have to carefully pick and choose how much activity I do of basically all kinds. It’s annoying to be back here after a couple of years of “I can clean *and* go for a walk *and* cook something that takes multiple steps for dinner” being an option on the same day pretty reliably. On the other hand, I have coping skills for this, and I’m using them.)

However, it also comes with me going from basically fine to ‘entirely out of me’ with not a ton of notice, especially later in the afternoon or evening, which is… an annoying limit. And makes witchy stuff more complicated.

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