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Seeking is a project I started in 2010, and since then it has grown to over 150 articles and other resources.

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My goal has always been to provide thoughtful material for people exploring religious witchcraft or looking to figure out more options for their practice, whether that’s practicing on their own, in a larger community, or in a particular community.

Over time, I’ve focused particularly on

  • Things other books and sources often gloss over (like how to sort out conflicting information, or where some ideas come from).
  • How to learn about Pagan topics, both from conventional academic sources (like books and libraries), but also from ritual and personal practice.
  • Accessibility and adapting materials to your specific needs (while sharing the reasons some things are done certain ways).

Interested in sharing something on the site?

You can share links to this site with anyone! If you’d like to use an essay as part of a newsletter, course, or other material you’re sharing with others, please contact me for copyright permission first. (I’m very likely to give permission if asked for non-profit educational purposes, but I may also have additional related material I can share with you if you ask.)

History of the site

This site started as a collection of comments on religious witchcraft that came from my former blog, posts on online forums, or other comments to people.

The oldest posts on the site are from August 2010, but I did most of the initial work in the first half of 2011. Since then I’ve regularly added additional articles and pages as I get a chance.

I did a major overhaul in December 2016 to rearrange pages, add some features, and improve accessibility. I migrated my general Pagan blogging here in 2018. You can find my Witch in Practice series, a weekly look at what I’ve been up to.

I did another major revision in 2020, for the 10 year anniversary, and things are likely to stay like this for a while now.

Updates and news

Keep an eye on the blog for news and updates.

Supporting the site

I’ve offered the resources here for free since 2010, and I’m glad to continue to do so. However, they do take time and energy to create. If you’d like to help me free up more time and focus to spend more time on the site, you can support me via Patreon for ongoing support. Mostly at this point, I update when I’m inspired (and questions are inspiring to me!)

Last edited: June 2024 (removing the newsletter link that’s no longer active).

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