Incense and alternatives

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A regular issue for people who have scent or smoke allergies (or who live with or do ritual with people who do) is what to do about incense in ritual. This article talks about alternatives and options. What are your actual limitations and why? What is the incense used for… Continue reading


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Many people have situations which mean they need to adapt common practices or approaches to work for their life. This page collects ideas on how you can do that for different needs. Coven in a time of Coronavirus A series of articles focusing on adapting coven and magical practice for… Continue reading

Finding time and space

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One challenge that many people (especially in and just out of college, with small children, or dealing with major changes in their general life) face are real limits on available space and time to do work. If this is true for you, keep a couple of things in mind: It’s… Continue reading

Ritual food and drink

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Many people include food or drink as part of ritual itself. In some groups and practices, this is part of the Great Rite (blessing the cup and bread). In other groups and practices, it’s part of a simpler, more general, shared blessing and symbolic community meal. The question is, though,… Continue reading