Witch in Practice – Cancer season


We’ve started with a new series of Seekers, and those conversations are going really well so far! Our first Seeker class was on June 18th, the second was on July 9th, and our third is coming up on Saturday.

We’ve also had:

  • Two chats
  • Initiate discussion
  • And discussion about what we want to look at reading and doing for that next.


My personal practice has been on the quieter side. I’ve finished doing a whole bunch of early Wiccan history reading for an upcoming book (I have some more things I may nose around at, but I have done enough to write the outline the way I needed to.)

Rest of my life

Writing is going well, though I have a book about to go into editing and one I’m about to start writing that are both leveling up books (and so I am nervous and excited about how that’s going to go.)

Summer is not my best season (and also, I have a whole bunch of medical appointments, and while they have all individually been going quite well, they’re tiring.) So it’s been a lot of “do the thing, fall over.” around here, but that at least often comes with a purring cat.

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