Witch in Practice – Gemini season

(And catching up a bit since April!)


We have been cheerfully chugging along as a coven. We’re currently trying to figure out when to schedule an initiation (I still need to be cautious, and that involves a couple of hours of unmasked time in a not very large room…)

We have had:

  • Beltane
  • Initiate discussion in May and June (Still working through Thorn Mooney’s The Witch’s Path which continues to be a really good choice for this.)
  • Litha ritual

And, excitement! A new round of Seeker classes. We have five Seekers starting class with us, and the first class on June 18th was great – some good discussion, a nice mix of people and perspectives, and I’m excited to continue.


My personal witchy life is also going along contentedly, if quietly. I’ve been doing a bit of personal study, and a fair bit of reading about witchcraft (or possible witchcraft…) in the New Forest in 1939 and 1940 (as research for an upcoming book, the novel I’m going to start writing in August.)

This is a lot more research than I usually do (or at least a lot more detailed) but I’m trying to build a timeline of specific events to riff on. Good news, no one can agree on when the rituals to keep Hitler on the far side of the Channel happened (or if they happened) nor who was there. Bad news, no one can agree….

(This leaves me quite a lot of fictional space, which is actually quite useful for my goals for the book, but it’s taking me more wrangling time than I usually plan on. On the plus side, I’m getting to read some really interesting history and connections between bits of it.)


There’s a reason I didn’t manage to update last month – a regular check-in with my doctor in April found a bunch of stuff had tipped from “Let’s keep an eye on that” to “That is worrying directions” (Nothing imminently dire, but – yeah, let’s fix that.)

Two new meds, two med changes, some side effects, and three new medical provider appointments later…

(One of those medical appointments was because my primary care was leaving the practice, and I wanted to start off with the new one.)

Things are going on a much better trend, but I have several more related appointments this summer (and two more routine maintenance ones.) None of which are my favourite way to spend time, and some of the things I need to do are still taking a lot of time, energy, and mental processing space.

Writing continues to go well. I’m hoping to have some mental space to poke at some new ideas for the chats and other material I was doing through the spring sometime soon, so keep an eye here, Patreon, or the Discord if you want updates on that. (Sometime. Probably not until sometime in July.)

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