This page collects some useful resources I use and refer to regularly. I believe in reading widely: including a resource here doesn’t mean I agree with everything there (I don’t!) but that it has useful information, resources, discussion, or other material.

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I maintain an online collection of bookmarks for my coven and students via Pinboard. They’re tagged by topic, usually with some notes about why they’re included. I continue to add more links regularly (as topics come up through teaching or questions, or I find useful things.)

Online discussion:

The Cauldron:
A longstanding Pagan-focused webforum with a wide range of perspectives and approaches representative and a strong focus on discussion and learning. While there are a number of people who follow religious witchcraft paths, there are also plenty who do other things, which is something I find very helpful and interesting. I’ve been active in various forms of the forum since sometime in 2000, and I’m currently a staff member there.

Online sources:

The Wild Hunt: 
This site (started by Jason Pitzl-Waters, and now with a staff of regular writers) has covered the Pagan community for years. The site is one of the first places I go when I want background on a particular figure, path, or recent events. If you hear commentary about an event you can’t make sense out of, there’s a chance you can sort it out by reading here. A great place to add to your regular reading to keep up with news, events, and other topics of interest.

Stores and vendors:

While I was living in Minneapolis, I shopped regularly both at Magus Books and at the Eye of Horus. Both are great places with knowledgeable staff. (Magus has an excellent stock of herbs for magical and medicinal uses, in particular.)

If you’re looking for an athame (or other ritual tools of similar type), I can highly recommend Omega Artworks. I commissioned a custom piece from them in 2016 (additional photos on their site) but they also often a nice line of simpler pieces where you can pick from existing fittings and designs. The quality of the work is amazing.

Blogs and other reading:

I read a number of blogs about Paganism, magic, and related topics. I won’t list them all here, but here are a few I find worthwhile, thought-provoking, and particularly useful to people who are starting out.

Brianna Saussy describes what she does as sacred arts – that covers a wide range of things, including witchcraft. I like her practical thoughtful approaches of how to make things that help people without being unnecessarily complicated.

Deborah Castellano’s Charmed, I’m Sure is a great look at the applications of glamour and acting-as-if to one’s witchy life. (Also with the practical ideas and pragmatic approach. You might sense a theme here in what I like.)

Strategic Sorcery is Jason Miller’s blog. While his practice includes a number of other kinds of approaches to magic than witchcraft alone, I like how he describes and looks at different approaches, and how they can be used. (I also like his books.)

Patheos is a large interfaith site. Their Pagan channel has a number of bloggers, and it’s a good place to check out and get a sense of current discussions in the larger community.

  • Oathbound : Thorn Mooney is a Gardnerian who has some great articles about initiatory Wicca, coven work (and group work in general) but also good advice for people interested in the path.
  • Star and Snake : Brandy Williams, writing mostly about Thelema. The topic is not my focus, but I love her work a lot in general, and even about topics I’m not as interested in, I often find useful pieces for my practice or learning.
  • Raise the Horns : Jason Mankey writes about a variety of witchcraft topics, including some thorough pieces on portions of witchcraft history.

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