Witch in Practice : Pisces season


  • Initiate discussion (still working on Thorn Mooney’s The Witch’s Path which is producing some really great discussion and chances to talk through specific pieces of practices.)
  • Ostara (recommitting to our goals for the year, since Imbolc was less of a ritual than we’d hoped.)

A chat with the initiate who’s been on leave for the past six months ended up at “too many other things in her life right now”. (She is welcome back any time, she’s juggling a lot!)

Witchy stuff

My February and March were largely eaten by writing an attack novel, so I have been light on my own practice and learning on the witchy side. However, I’ve started (in the previous week or so) taking notes for a writing project that involves figuring out who was around the New Forest doing witchy things, specifically in the September 1939 to September 1940 time frame.

This involves a lot of delightful comparison of sources. (I’m really enjoying Michael Howard’s Modern Wicca on this front, for a combo of well-cited info, and putting it in a useful sequence.)

Other life

As of a week ago, I’m commuting two days a week again. Which eats a lot of energy. However, it’s nice to see my stacks and collection. The writing is going great (see the attack novel – I wrote 90K words in 32 days, through the first week in March.)

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