Seeking is my space to share information and resources about religious witchcraft. The articles here come my own experiences as a witch, priestess, librarian, and person who gets frustrated at the lack of information on some topics.

What you’ll find

The site is divided up into seven main sections (plus some helpful concepts and resources I recommend.) Each page has many articles on related topics. Check out the guide to the site if you’d like a roadmap to get you started.

Beginning: leaf on a red background

Beginning covers the very basics – terms, concepts, and what Paganism is and isn’t. It links to some additional great introductory resources. Check out this section for useful information on terms and core ideas, as well as how I use terms like “Pagan” and “witchcraft”.

Building: tree on a deep red background

Building a path exists because as Pagans and witches, we often have to build our practices ourselves in various ways. This section has tips and ideas for how to do that without being completely overwhelmed.

Doing: spiral on a golden background

Doing magic, doing ritual, doing things that make us more self-aware people with more choices in our lives. The heart of the site, this section covers everything from basic energy work (centering and grounding) to ritual and building a relationship with the gods.

Learning: quill on a green background

Learning shares articles on how to find and evaluate information resources (books, websites, people…) for religious use, especially when dealing with common Pagan or witchy questions.

Connecting: heart made of hearts on a deep teal background

Connecting is for those of you who want to find other people to do things with, whether that’s learning, ritual, or magic. You’ll find articles on finding groups and events, how to make a good introduction, and what to expect at public events.

Adapting : stars on a purple background

Adapting covers ways to adjust practices and make them work for you. There are tips here for people who’ve got chronic health issues, kids, or other situations that can make the practices in books not a thing that works for you.

Questions: witch's hat on a grey background

Of course, there are also Questions that don’t fit tidily into other topics that come up. You can find answers here.

concepts: key on a brown background

Need a quick overview of something? The Concepts area covers some common terminology and ideas.

Resources: books on a black background

Check out the Resources area for more resources – blogs, sites, podcasts, books, and more that I find useful in one way or another. (Individual articles also have specific recommendations.)

What I do

In many ways, this site is all about what I do as a witch and priestess. What’s on this site isn’t my complete personal practice (some things are specific to my tradition, and some things are just private, and those don’t get talked about here.) On Seeking, I focus on what I do and what I’ve learned that other people might also find useful for their practices.

To make it easier to know when I’m talking about my specific practices, you’ll see grey blocks at various places around the site that highlight my particular practices or approach. The first sentence is bold or emphasised text and starts with a statement like “I do” or “I am” or something like that.

I am a religious witch and priestess in a particular tradition that focuses on transformation. Magic is part of my daily life, and I enjoy hanging out with, reading stuff from, and otherwise learning about different Pagan and magical paths and practices.


I add articles (and blog posts) fairly regularly – the best way is to keep an eye on the blog.

Older articles from the site that are no longer current are in the Archive section, in case you’re missing something from an earlier visit.

It’s hard for one site to cover everything, but I’m glad to consider other topics or articles. Just let me know or ask me a question through the contact form.

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