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I’m a huge believer in knowing where the information you’re reading comes from, so here’s more about me and my background.

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I’m Jenett Silver (she/her). It’s not my legal name, but it’s the name I use pretty much everywhere except work and my family of origin. (Jenett pronounced like Janet, but with ‘Jen’ as the first syllable. Rhymes with then-it.) 

I’m in my late 40s, single, and a librarian by profession. I live in the Boston metro area in Massachusetts with a cat (Astra) and a bunch of books. I enjoy reading, writing, computer geekery, roleplaying games, and periodic bouts of baking, cooking, and knitting. I am almost never bored.

I’m passionate about connecting people with information that makes their lives better. I’m a geek who’s particularly interested in figuring out how we do stuff, and why we do it that way, so we can figure out if there are ways to do it better. (Where ‘better’ is about having more time and energy for other things we want to do, or being able to go more deeply into an experience, or to get there more reliably.)

My friends often refer to me as a combat librarian, for my ability to dig into a question and come up with an answer. I have a tremendous amount of experience finding, sharing, teaching, and generally using information and resources. I’m particularly skilled doing all those things online and in text.


I’ve been working in libraries since 2000, and I’ve had my Master’s in Library and Information Science since 2007.

I currently work in a special library that focuses on a particular educational institution and the community it serves. I love it, and especially the part where I get to help with information that changes people’s lives on a regular basis.

In the past, I’ve worked in an independent high school library, a college library, and a smattering of other jobs that had to do with technology and information management.

priestess and witch

On the religious side, I’m a priestess, initiate, and witch in a small religious witchcraft tradition (Omphalos Tri-Cellan) as a student and initiate in the Circle of the Phoenix. The tradition was founded in Minnesota in the late 1990s.

I earned my third degree in that tradition in 2007 (it was a busy year). I’ve taught in small group settings (both for seekers and for students in the tradition), offered workshops, and participated in panel discussions. I’ve also been to a lot of public rituals, helped run a few, and been to several festivals.

While I lived in Minnesota, I was programming chair for Twin Cities Pagan Pride, and then one of the founding committee and hotel chair for Paganicon.

I’ve been active in online Pagan communities since 1999, and have been a staff member on The Cauldron (a long-running interfaith Pagan forum) since spring of 2016. More details of my Pagan experience are over here.

I am priestess of a small coven, Phoenix Song. If you’re in the Boston metro area and interested, the website has all the information.

Other projects

I write and self-publish romances set in the 1920s with magic as Celia Lake. (Imagine a parallel magical community alongside the history we know about, with a wide variety of magical, cultural, and religious practices.)

I am often Jenett (one n, two ts) or JenettSilver online, and my profile will usually point back here, or at somewhere else that gets you to here. If you’re not sure, feel free to drop me a note through the contact form and I can tell you.

Last updated: June 2024

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