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This area of the site focuses on building a practice (and once you have one, on taking it further and deeper so it continues to grow.) There’s always more to learn and do and try.

The basic steps

There are five steps I suggest when you begin exploring Paganism. The links in the sections below fill out different aspects.

  1. Take inventory of yourself and your life.
  2. Learn more about different paths. Decide which interest you and which don’t.
  3. Become familiar with options for learning.
  4. Start with some simple practices.
  5. Build deeper practices.
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Take inventory of yourself and your life

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Learn more about different paths

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Become familiar with options for learning

This next step is where you start looking for materials that will help you learn about your chosen path. What these are will depend on the path, but they might include:

  • Finding books and websites that tell you more about the path. Check out the Learning sections of this site for ideas and some starting titles.
  • You may want to connect with other people who follow roughly the same path. Check out books, podcasts, local events, and other options. The Connecting section of this site has more.
  • Pick a couple of initial sources to start with – don’t feel you need to read or learn everything immediately.
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Start with simple practices

My essays on practices in religious witchcraft have their own section, but the essays below talk about how to make use of these practices. (You may also want to check out the Adaptations section for working with specific needs or limits you may have.)

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Build deeper practices

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