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Are you curious about Paganism? Not sure what different terms or concepts mean? Trying to figure out how to make sense of sites and descriptions that say different things about what Paganism is or isn’t, or what witchcraft is or isn’t?

This page links to a number of articles on different topics that will help you sort those things out, and also describe how I use terms and concepts on this site.

What is Paganism?

The first question for many people is “What is Paganism anyway?” Good question. The short version is that Paganism is the umbrella term for a group of religions that don’t necessarily have a whole lot in common. Except that there is, in fact, enough overlap that it’s worth talking about them together. Here are some resources to help you with that question.

Articles on other sites you might find useful: 

What is Wicca? What is religious witchcraft?

Articles on other sites you might find useful:

Finally, take a look at why “Wicca can be anything I want” may not be the most useful approach for you to take. 

Key concepts: 

There are some key concepts you’ll want to get familiar with as you start learning. These include terms (and the way different people use the same term!), and concepts like views of magic, ethics, and deity. These now have their own section on this website so you can find them more easily if you have questions.

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