What’s here

Welcome to a complement to my blog. This site collects introductory material I’ve written in one place. The general material is designed to be helpful to people interested in Paganism in general, but as I get more specific, the focus shifts to initiatory religious witchcraft.

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  • Pages link to other pages as relevant. (This is the web, after all.)
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  • You can find a link to my collected public bookmarks and links on Pinboard. (These are the Pagan-focused ones: I’m working on transporting bookmarks from other places into there a few at a time.)

What’s here comes from the distillation of my own training, plus a whole lot of reading, conversation, practice, and experience. I’m not The Expert on everything, but you can think of me as An Experienced Voice. (The only thing I’m The Expert on is how stuff works in my own coven.) You can find out more about that on the About Me page.

The focus of these pages is to cover a range of introductory topics – getting started, not covering every detail, in other words. In places where there are books that do a great job, I recommend the books, rather than trying to recreate what they say.

I do my best to be very clear whether I’m talking about my specific practice, or whether I’m talking about a general or common practice in the broader community. If that ever is confusing, please let me know.

Start here if you’re brand new to learning about Paganism or about Wicca. You may also want to start here if you’re confused by terms, or want a solid base to begin with.

Reaching out:
This section focuses on connecting with the general Pagan community: finding online and in-person resources that can help you learn more about a particular path, tradition, group, or opportunity. The bottom of the page has thoughts and essays on finding a group or teacher in particular.

Here, you can find ideas and guidance on basic practices common to many paths, or that you’ll often see come up in conversation or discussion.

This section covers broader questions that often come up as someone explores a new path: age limits, family participation, charging for training, what a ‘degree’ is in this context, and much more.

Suggested Reading:
This page has some suggested reading (and comments on why and when it might be useful.) More than just a book list!

Conscious Awareness of Religious Environments (CARE)
This is my answer to “How do you tell if this is a group you want to be a part of?” There are three versions: a simple one, one with deeper questions, and one with commentary. It owes a lot to the CASHI, a similar approach that is no longer fully available online.