Witch in Practice : Capricorn season


We’ve been quiet, due to the holidays.

  • Yule (December 18th) – super simple, we had two people out sick.
  • Initiate discussion (January 8th) – we’ve started discussing the Witch’s Path by Thorn Mooney. This was talking through what we explored from Chapter 1, and talking about chapter 2.

We’re currently in a holding pattern for an upcoming initation until local cases drop and we’re willing to do something that requires some ‘right next to you’ positioning and other things.


We did the fourth SKFW chat on the 8th as well, talking about reasearch organisation.

One of the things I’ve done for the past several years is to take extra time off between winter solstice and new year’s. It’s usually an extra quiet time at work (part of how I make this work is to log in and quickly check nothing urgent has happened and clear out my ‘random emails I get that I don’t need to do anything with’ stuff not otherwise filtered. But I get to do it on my own time, 5 minutes every couple of days.)

But basically, I sleep late, spend a lot of time reading on the couch, work through some personal projects (this time something related to the authorial wiki.) And I spend time being quiet.

I start that period by doing the Up All Night Yule vigil I’ve done for a number of years. This year I made it to 3am again. I also do some spinning, making yarn for ritual use for the year between Yule and New Year’s.


As noted above, I spent a lot of my vacation time doing authorial things. As of when I write that blog post, I finally feel sorta vaguely caught up with a bunch of things (though still, y’know, with a long list.)

My job went back to “only on campus if actually vital” except for students and student-facing staff (which I’m not) so I am happily not leaving the house again except for the occasional allergy shot and similar. The cat approves.

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