Witch in Practice: Sagittarius season

First, if you haven’t seen them, three posts on yearly planning, with various witchy relevant bits.

Part 1: Tools
Part 2: Yearly and quarterly planning
Part 3: Weekly planning and tracking


Moderately quiet.

  • November 20th: Full moon ritual and Dedicant class
  • December 4th: Initiate discussion and Dedicant class.
  • December 16th: Chat
  • December 18th: Planned for Yule ritual (virtual) but alas, not so much.

We’ve moved into discussing Thorn Mooney’s latest book, The Witch’s Path for our initiate discussion (with our one ‘not yet initiated, we’ll be figuring out scheduling as soon as we can after February’) – the book focuses on a number of different topics, with exercises to try, and we each picked one that fit for us.

(I am, um, not doing great with making the time for that part, but I have some more time this week and next.)

We were hoping for Yule ritual, but two of four of us were sick when we got to that point of the week (we were already planning to meet virtually as we continue to do for the time being, but neither of them was up to being on a call. Not Covid, we think.)


  • A class on “Who’s Your Timelord?” (profection years/astrological ruler of your year) from Kirah Tabourn. (I hit “Can’t stand to look at a video call” about 45 minutes in, and need to go back and listen to the recording, but what I caught so far was great, and the replay should be available for general purchase in her store in the not too distant future)
  • Another of the research and practice chats, this one about living with other people and seasonal practices. The January call will probably be about something research related, but I’m open to what that looks like.

I have just started transferring notes from my weekly planning journal to a separate journal for classes, workshops, etc. (I also keep these in Obsidian, a text-based tool with good linking overlay, but I’ve found handwriting summaries gets the info in my head better, and I also like it for notes on related meditations/exercises.)


I again made an attempt at Up All Night with the Cauldron, and again gave up around 3am. (Too much incipient headache.)

A novella collection got released on December 10th (I had releases in August, September, early November, and December, which is in fact a whole lot, and I am done with that now until February, though I am staring down some self-imposed deadlines for more writing, and I need to spend some quality time on editing during my vacation.)

Fortunately, I’ve got vacation from work from last Friday (the 17th) through January 2nd, and I’m doing my best to make the most of it – a mix of witchy learning, editing, a project for my books, and a bunch of reading.

(Wish me luck on that one, I am attempting to reread Triumph of the Moon and Women of the Golden Dawn partly for fiction-writing purposes, as well as reading Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley over this vacation. I am not attempting to take notes on them, this is a “read to get some scaffolding in my head” pass.)

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