Witch in practice – Gemini season


The big news is that we have a new initiate, as of the 12th!

It feels wonderful that the first time I had someone over since mid-March 2020 was our new initiate (for a pre-initiation step in our tradition), and then her initiation (with our other initiate). We had a little chaos on the front end, but everything worked out wonderfully.

We also had a (okay, two person, people had to cancel for various reasons) picnic for summer solstice. (I got a bit too much heat, and spent the rest of the day sitting in the cool dark without much brain, but that’s okay. I’m awfully heat intolerant.)

We’re continuing our rune discussion (we’ve got three months left…) And we’ve got coven things scheduled through December, though the next big one is Lammas in early August.


It’s been a fairly quiet month on the personal front. I’ve been thinking about some things I’d like to reset about habits for summer solstice (so far so good, half a day in…)

I’ve mulled some mead with spices for offerings this quarter, and have been sitting in my living room watching a candle burn on my shrine while doing some witchy reading and monthly prep. (I do a spread in my journal for the new sun sign, plus did a Tarot reading for midsummer.

Some conversations after the initiation ritual and some other things out in the world have got me thinking about witchcraft and transformation – I’m hoping to get an article about that up on Seeking this week. (I’ve got a few others in progress, but need to wrangle an afternoon sometime to get them formatted and up online. Watch this space for notes when they’re up.)


We’re still not sure exactly when we’re going to stop working remotely (My office is in the same building as kids, many of whom are medically fragile, so they’re being incredibly careful about bringing us back. I’m fine with this, especially in the summer – my office has air conditioning, and so do our stacks, but the main library space doesn’t.)

In the meantime, I’m focusing on nudging some habits and patterns better so when I do start commuting again, I’m in good shape with them. I’ve started getting my farm share (from a farm the next town over that’s been going for almost 150 years…) and thus have many vegetables to do things with.

I’m taking some vacation around the 4th of July (for editing purposes) which I’m looking forward to.

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