Witch in Practice : Taurus season


Again, another quiet month. We are – excitement! – preparing for an initiation in June, now we can put vaccinate people in a room without masks. We have a preparatory piece that we’re doing this coming weekend, and then the initiation is scheduled for June 12th.

Other than that, we’ve had rune discussion, and then Beltane.

We’re making plans to do a picnic outside for summer solstice, as the first time we’ll have seen each other in person in 15 months or so (no ritual plans, just hang out, maybe share some food, and catch up.) Also very exciting!

We’ve also plotted out coven calendar events through December, which makes me feel really good, because I can tell when I have weekends free to do other things (mostly writing-related.)


A couple of conversations with seekers recently have made me kick around the idea of doing some non-training discussions with plenty of time for Q&A about stuff people are trying to sort out.

Note! I’m still figuring out what this might look like, and I’m not planning to start until September or October (I’m expecting the eventual return to work in my library in person to take a bit out of me for a while…)

If you’re not signed up for my newsletter, keep an eye out there for more early details, or here and my Patreon for more specifics as I get things set up.

My theoretical plan is a once a month web call class on some topic, probably focused not so much on “how do I do witchcraft”, but more on “how do I figure out useful sources of information for witchy/Pagan/magical/etc. stuff?” and “what do I do when things contradict, how do I figure that out?” and “how do I put together a way to learn about this that doesn’t feel totally scattered”.

My current thought (which may change in the next few months…) is to make it available to anyone who backs my Patreon or makes a small donation (and by small, I really do mean “very small” as the minimum, like $1), with some options if online payments or money are a problem at all. (Money will help support the time and energy need to put something like this together.)

My thought is to make the audio (plus any slides or handouts) available to anyone who’s registered, but not video (because I don’t really want my video self out on the Internets). There may also be a Discord channel.

As I say, still a work in progress. If you have topics you’d love to see me tackle, let me know!


I released another book in my 1920s romances with magic series! This is, as I have said elsewhere, my “Did you have pedagogical issues with the fundamental structure of Hogwarts? Me too.” It’s about astronomy, the power of eclipses to change perspective, academic politics, and a friends-to-lovers romance.

(The next one involves people putting together a complex ritual more or less on the fly, and takes place on an ocean liner in 1901 in the icy waters of the north Atlantic.)

Other than the writing, I have been working on figuring out what routines and habits are working well for me, so that as we look at being back on campus eventually, I can keep up momentum on writing

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