Witch in Practice – Cancer season

Short and sweet this month, because things have been fairly quiet.


We had a (two person) picnic for summer solstice – other people’s health and needs didn’t allow. (It was nice to talk, though!)

We’ve been pretty quiet since then, since I’ve had a series of other scheduling commitments in July. (We don’t schedule things over three day weekends generally, then I had something on the 17th, something this coming weekend, and long story short, we’re picking up for Lammas on the 31st.)


I’ve been making steady progress on my seasonal projects, the rune study, and so on, but didn’t get brains to do a bunch of other stuff this month. That’s okay too. I have been walking (whenever it’s not too hot) and enjoying seeing the plant and nature changes, and my fairly minimal container garden is doing nicely.


The 17th was my entire family (my mother, brother, and sister) getting together in one place for the first time in a decade. (There are not many of us, we’re spread out geographically, and we often have competing ‘when we’re free for travel’ schedules.) Also my brother in law, my nephew, and one of my niblings.

That was a good outing, and it was good to see and chat with people not in email.

This coming weekend I’m at a virtual but intensive (8ish hours a day for four days), so a lot of this week has been clearing the deck of household stuff and other stuff I need to do to make that happen.

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