Witch in Practice – Leo season


It was a quiet month for coven stuff, except! I had two inquiries from Seekers, and so we are working through the “Let’s do some classes and discussions together and see how that feels” process now. (We had our first Seeker class last week, the second one is next weekend.)

We’d been hoping to have our first face to face coven gathering for Lammas, but the rise of Delta cases made that a bad idea.

If it’s helpful to others, I am using microcovid.org for a sense of the degree of risk. We’re all fully vaccinated, but I am still at higher risk of ongoing complications even with a mild case, so I am continuing to be extra careful. (See ‘personal’, below, for more on that in general.) The key issue here is duration: putting people in a space the size of my living room for two hours or so is just plain a lot of exposure space.

(I do not have useful outdoor space, alas, or we might try something else, and neither does anyone else who might reasonably host.)


  • Lammas, low key, simple ritual, discussion of bread recipes
  • Rune discussion (our penultimate one, though we’re skipping a rune discussion in September for scheduling reasons)
  • Initial Seeker conversations
  • Full moon ritual (simple)
  • Discussion with one of our coven folks about job hunting magic (I do intend to write some of that up for this site in the not too distant future.)


I’ve been gearing up for a more indepth inhalation of astrology, focusing on working my way around one house per month (I mostly use whole signs, which makes this easier, and we are starting in my 9th House for Virgo, because it’s where my Sun is. And ok, because I don’t want to wait several more months to get round to the 1st House.)

I’ve spent a chunk of this weekend working through both moving my notes for various things into a new location, and doing further synythesis (and adding a couple more sources in on my list for tomorrow.)

I also got a permanent crown on one of my molars (this was from a root canal two years ago, where we were waiting to do the permanent until the tooth settled down, and we ran smack into the pandemic. Best we can tell I damaged the root in my teens in a horseback riding fall, and it had been causing me mostly mild annoyance ever since, because all of that stopped once I had the root canal.)

My dentist told me you can get tattoos on your crowns (they paint them on by hand just before firing) so now I have a particular constellation on my molar, which completely delights me. (It is one I adore for magical reasons, and also personal enough I’m not going into here.) It’s on the inside of my mouth, so I can touch it with my tongue when I want, but no one’s ever going to see it.

(I’m going to either be a usefully identifiable mysterious corpse in a forensic mystery, or confuse some future archaeologist. I was already down 8 teeth, so the second one isn’t a huge reach, thanks to having teeth out in the hopes of saving my wisdom teeth, and then having to have those out too.)


Other than the dental stuff and one other medical appointment, I am continuing to be super careful about where I go – I picked up doing most of my own grocery shopping again a couple of months ago (going over my lunch break in late morning when it’s not busy), and I pick up my farm share (that one’s outside anyway)

My lungs are perennially cranky at best, and I do not want to make that worse, because it might well be the thing that tips me from ‘generally functional’ to ‘back where I was 10 years ago when basic household stuff was too much’.

However, I had my six-month checkin with my allergist (and also allergy testing again because it’d been several years. Still allergic to stuff, less allergic to several things than I had been.) She was delighted at the current state of my lungs, which sound very good right now, so we’d like to keep it that way as long as I can (not getting a couple of colds over the winter as I usually would was a thing…)

My work was planning to bring non-student-facing staff back on campus this fall: I think it’s unlikely that’s going to be October like they were planning earlier this summer, but I went into work early in August to do a few things in our stacks and clear out a few questions that needed particular print resources.

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