Witch in Practice: Week 9

This past week

Very quiet – which frankly I needed. (And I am so looking forward to having an extended long weekend at home to catch up on stuff over US Thanksgiving.)

Reading: I’ve been reading some of the newer intro-to-witchcraft books with an eye to what’s out there these days, and thinking about what and how I want to post about them as a resource, and I got through another one this week.

(More on this to come, but I want to read several and do notes to figure out what’s sustainable for me.)

Writing: It is NaNoWriMo month, which is going very well for me at the moment, but is not particularly witchy (except to the extent that my geekiness about magical theory is informing some of the parts of the plot…)

Ongoing work: I’m continuing to contemplate things in the Strategic Sorcery Deep Dive classes – it’s definitely engaging my brain. I’m going at it not from a ‘try all the things’ (body and focus will not permit) but rather a good chance to learn about new techniques, file some stuff away for future exploration, and dip into those that are most relevant or interesting to me.

Body: I started a new medication on Friday, which if you read the online commentary is either wonderful or really awful, so I started it on Friday when I had no plans for the weekend.

The side effects have been pretty minimal so far (it’ll take longer than a few days to see if it’s actually effective for me), but I wasn’t up for as much exertion (mental or physical) as my norm, so I’m glad I planned on the easy schedule.

Friends: I’ve been helping wrangle things for a dear friend, for whom I am sometimes her external brain, which ate a fair bit of my available brain space from about Thursday on. (Absolutely no regrets, though!)

Shrines: I got a new cloth for the shrine in my bedroom (which is roughly a ‘Venus and abundance’ shrine), and I got one last piece for the reset shrines in the living room (currently in ‘writing and connection’, ‘offerings’, and ‘prosperity’ configuration, plus ancestors and beloved dead.). I’m still contemplating whether any of them need anything else, but photos should be coming soon.

This coming week

Friday: Meeting for the ongoing project we’re working on for some more options in the local area for Pagans. It’s our third meeting, I’m hosting, and so there’s a moderate amount of cleaning and cooking something to do. (I’m going to do the cooking on Thursday, and then set up the slow cooker to keep it warm when I get home from work on Friday.)

However, this means I have to do some of the routine cleaning I’d normally aim to do right before Dedicant class a day or two early. (Changing the cat box, sweeping and at least wet-swiffering the floors, clearing off the kitchen counter and other things, making sure all the chairs are available for sitting on…)

One of the things people do not adequately talk about when they talk about running a coven is managing the housekeeping. (I am actually working on some writing about that in the background.)

Saturday: Sensibly for my cleaning plans, I have Dedicant class on Saturday, which is about deities and other beings, and generally a great topic. Because of Thanksgiving and some other scheduling, this is our last meeting until December 14th, and then we won’t have another until early January.

(I love my coven work, but we’ve been meeting more than usual the last couple of months, and I could definitely use some time to catch up on other things. I don’t usually get brain-requiring projects done after teaching and ritual.)

Soon: As I was writing this, I got the shipping order for my recent order from Sphere and Sundry, and am very excited to get it. I want to set some time aside (probably Sunday, at this rate) to do some work with it.

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