Witch in Practice: Week 10

Last week

Another busy week this week, due to not only the things I was actually doing, but cleaning and cooking prep.

Thursday: Launched my latest fiction book, which is always a lot of fiddly process stuff. (Some of which happens to make the book available, and then there is more once the sales links are live.)

Friday: Hosted witches for a planning meeting for an ongoing project (we’re moving forward usefully, with plans for actual events in spring 2020.)

There’s always something so vulnerable about having new people to your home, and it’s both helped and complicated by the witchy parts, in my experience.

Part of it is just the prep – having food and space for people to sit. (And my home is optimised for coven work, which is not quite the same as a small group meeting…) But part of it is also having new people in your space, and we’re all in the stage where we’re still getting to know each other, and three of my four shrines are in the living room, and.

(Speaking of, I updated the page about my shrines, if you haven’t seen that.)

In this case, I got several compliments about the feeling of my home, which always delights me, because it’s something I think about a lot, and do a lot to encourage. I am not the world’s best housekeeper (though I’m vastly better than I used to be…) but I am really good about keeping the energy in my home the way I want most of the time.

This is on my list to write about in the not too distant future, since I think it’d be helpful. (I also have all the thoughts about setting up sustainable coven and Pagan-relevant hosting, and am working on what will turn into an ebook about that.)

Saturday: Dedicant class, with two of my three students (we’ll have to sort out a makeup for the third sometime.) It went really well, with some great discussion about how do you evaluate people and their materials in specific situations, and then a great discussion about deities.

Sunday: I spent most of Sunday working on website and publishing related updates, but also did some work with Benebell Wen’s Metaphysician’s Planner guidebook (I am only a little way in! It’s glorious dense material.)

Coming week

Much quieter!

Tuesday: Something for the New Moon, but probably a pretty small something.

Wednesday to Sunday: Five days off! Thanksgiving is not a big holiday in my life – my parents are British, and I grew up without almost any extended family. I usually go to an amiable friend’s house for whatever they do, but I don’t have strong opinions about it.

In this case, it’s been a busy summer and autumn, and I’m really looking forward to having chunks of time to work on larger projects without having to stop. So there will be a bunch of witchy stuff, but I’m not sure what bits will be when yet.

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