Witch in Practice: Week 8

A quieter week, which frankly, I needed! (And this coming week is a bit quieter too, with nothing scheduled for the weekend, even.)

Last week

Medical appointment on Thursday, which did not resolve anything usefully, but at least everyone agrees it is not dire. (It’s an ongoing low-grade tooth thing.)

It did eat up a lot of brain, though.

Saturday, we had Dedicant class, this time talking more about energy theory and a bit more about psychicsm, as well as talking about their experiences with Samhain. Our next class is a week from Saturday, then mid-December, then nothing until January, due to various scheduling things.

Sunday, I spent doing my usual Sunday offerings, then spending some quality time (about 2 hours this week) on various religious projects, including doing some sketch note style summaries for the first two Strategic Sorcery lessons. I like the way they came out, especially the meditation one, but I’m mostly using it as a way to make myself focus in on the key points.

(I type up longer notes in my online notetaking files, and then distill down to the things I am doing or want to focus on.)

This week

I have been steadily managing some amount of meditation daily for the past few weeks, but I am trying this week to see if doing it in the morning helps/feels different.

(This is a little tricky, because chronic health stuff makes several aspects of my morning unreliable in terms of how long they take, and because I have a fairly inflexible deadline for when I leave the house if I don’t want horrific traffic.)

I have an eye appointment this afternoon, I’m hoping to make it to a NaNo writein on Wednesday evening, and I’m starting a new medication on Friday.

(My pharmacist and doctor say the side effects shouldn’t be bad, but it’s one of those ones where online commentary sounds dire, so starting it when I don’t need to do anything on a timetable for a few days sounds like a smart call just in case.)

I’m planning on doing something for the Full Moon tonight (not full-blown ritual, though) but I’m still deciding what it will be.

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