Witch in Practice: Week 16

Last week

Tuesday: I did the last of the household cleaning (the floors, complete with using floor powder, to bring in good things for the coming year.)

I also finished taking notes on the excellent book, Game of Saturn, and made a few comments in this post about books that made me think this year relevant to magical stuff.

Wednesday: New Year’s Day, and I spent it doing a little bit of lots of things I want in my life the coming year. I don’t go in for New Year’s resolutions specifically (and if I did, the calendar day isn’t the day I’d pick for them), but I do like it as a ‘begin as you mean to go on’ point.

Saturday: Dedicant class, and then my brain fell over and didn’t do much else for the day.

Sunday: Astrology study, and writing up the Dedicant class notes. (I don’t think I’ve mentioned these, but every class I do a Google doc with pointers to things in the bookmarks, assignments, things that I mentioned in class (sites/resources/etc.) and what’s coming in the future.

I find it easier to wrangle than other approaches, but it still takes me an hour or so to put together, sometime a bit more, depending on how much hunting of ‘I know I had a thing about this topic that came up, where’s the link’ I have to do. On the other hand, they make a great record of what we’ve covered.

This coming week

Not much on my calendar this week, other than a social event on Saturday evening at a friend’s. (The week after, however, is rather ‘how did I overschedule myself that much?’)

Given that I’ve got to be out of the house anyway, I’m planning to go to the Museum of Fine Arts for one of the last days of the Ancient Nubia Now exhibit. One of my students has seen it, and said it was fantastic, and both the exhibit info and reviews have talked about how they put the collection (and the fact the MFA has it…) in context of colonialism.

Now just to figure out the scheduling involved, given that I will want my car at the end of the process, and would prefer to do as little backtracking as I can manage.

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