Witch in Practice – Pisces season


We’ve had a quiet month, for the reasons described last time.

  • February 20th: Rune discussion and Dedicant class
  • March 20th: Ostara ritual (online still, of course) and I have a bit of tradition-specific ritual to do later that afternoon.

One of the things on our list to talk about – though it will still be a few months before we start making changes – is looking what being able to see each other in person again might look like.

My goal for this discussion is to talk about what kinds of things we want to aim for (when we can meet in person again, do we want to keep some online meetings for discussions to help with childcare needs and travel time, for example? How’s the timing working for us?)

We don’t need to make any decisions yet, but I want to give people time to think about what they’d like to do and what will work for them, since I know some people’s situations have shifted a bit (and probably will again.)


I finished up the astrology class series I was taking. (I felt not-great for the last two, including the interpretation class at the end, so I definitely have a ton more reading and practicing to do.)

It’s been a relatively light month otherwise, because of the health and cleaning stuff.


I got my second vaccine dose on March 6th. My immune system likes throwing fits about things (autoimmune conditions make that interesting). I didn’t have miserable side-effects, but I was definitely unusually tired from Sunday (the day after I got it) through about Thursday. I’m very glad I cleared my schedule.

I also took the 12th and 15th off from work, and spent that doing a bunch of spring cleaning, which has felt great.

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