Witch in Practice – Libra season

Welcome back to the next round of these.


I had been talking with two different Seekers in September about Dedicating, but between last month’s post and this one, both of them have had things come up in their lives that mean Dedicating in the tradition (and coven) isn’t going to happen. (Both good, from the bits they shared.)

We’re moving ahead with our current Dedicant, I’ve had two really good conversations with two other possible Seekers (and I will circle back with them when we’re able to start looking at the next round of Dedicants, sometime next summer, likely.)

It’s otherwise been fairly quiet, with a chat about Samhain prep on the 16th, and a scheduled chat evening on the 21st.

Coming up we have Samhain on the 30th, and then picking up Dedicant classes again, which I’m very much looking forward to, plus moving forward into some new initiate discussions.


We had the first of the research and accessibility chats on October 9th, and it was great! People showed up, asked great questions, and I’m looking forward to the next one. Check out more information about these chats for how to get the registration link for the next one, ask me questions, and get access to our Discord. All of this is free, though if you want me to free up some more time to spend on this, there are some ways to help with that.

(The Discord is this delightful mix of people I’ve known for 10 or 20 years from a wide range of perspectives, plus people I don’t know yet who ask interesting things and bring other perspectives.)

The next registration link will go out on the 30th.

I’m also poking at some improvements to my personal practice, which deserve their own writeup, and I’ll see about doing that sometime (but probably not in October.)


Besides the above, my life has been a mix of work and writing. I’m back in the office one day a week through October, two days a week starting in November. I feel better now we have an actual sense what we’re doing there, but I’m still finding it unusually tiring to deal with commuting, remembering how to pack lunches that work in the current environment, how to plan my time for things that go better on my work machine (or with materials from my stacks) vs. other projects, and so on.

I have been pushing hard on the writing to take advantage of not commuting, and have almost gotten everything done I wanted before I was in the office more. (I will not quite finish the thing I wanted to finish in October, but it’s close enough I can manage, it’s fine.)

I have a book and a novella anthology out in the rest of this year, then I will be back to my slightly less frenetic schedule. (Which is four books a year, and still frenetic, but also a relief.)

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