Witch in Practice: Week 39

Last week

Tuesday: My first CSA pickup of the season. (Carefully socially distanced, of course.)

It was my second time talking to people in person who weren’t a medical appointment for me or my cat since mid-March (bar a couple of brief in passing nods at my landlord or his family.)

I got a bunch of tasty vegetables, tried a new recipe (rhubarb and beet salad) and have a bunch more tasty things to eat. I’m looking forward to what tomorrow brings me.

Saturday: Dedicant class on Pagan history, and then some extensive work wrangling categories in my wiki-of-shadows (I’m almost satisfied with the current set up, and will share more about it when I get it cleaned up.)

I also did the colouring work for the front page for my physical book of shadows, and I’m very pleased with how it came out. (I used the Inktense watercolour pencils: I love how vivid the colours are, and how magical it is to activate them with water.)

Sunday: More work in the wiki-of-shadows, plus some moderation work on one of the Pagan communities I admin which ate more of my afternoon than I wanted.

I also sent planning emails about our Litha ritual for the coven.

This week

Today: My local library posted the adult summer reading bingo charts, which are right up my alley, since they describe the theme as “Imagine Your Story, a celebration of fairy tales, mythology, and fantasy.”

A couple of the bingo squares will be amusingly challenging. For example, “Learn both the Greek & Roman names for 8 gods & goddesses.” (Can I find 8 I don’t already know? Let’s find out!)

Another is to start learning a language through their Mango Languages database. This does not have Welsh (which I periodically putter through attempting to learn more of), but they do have Ancient Greek (which I have three years of in college-level courses, but is decidedly rusty.)

It is however, hilarious to see them attempt fit that into a modern language model, because they start out with “Here is the conversation we will be starting with: ‘Goddess, sing the ruinous wrath of Achilles son of Peleus'” (aka, the opening of the Iliad) where in other languages you get “Hello, my name is…”

(I learned my Greek with a text book transliterated best as Athenazde, which begins with such gems as “Dikaeopolis is farmer. He is an Athenian, but he does not live in Athens. He lives in the fields with his wife, his son, and his daughter.” (going on memory here…) before working around to short excerpts from classic works by the end of the book.)

I am thinking I may take the opportunity to actually work on reading through Emily Wilson’s fabulous translation of the Odyssey at the same time.

Anyway, sometime this week, okay, apparently, actually this afternoon, I need to sit down with some lists (I’ve had some books I’ve been meaning to read that fit some of the themes), and decide what I’m reading for this, and put the whole list somewhere where I can check things off and remember what I had in mind. I have some great reading ahead of me.

Tuesday: More CSA! More local foods! Yay!

Friday: Between the solstice, the new moon, and the eclipse, I took a couple of days off work (Friday and Monday) to have time to prep, do things, and recover. Between now and Friday, I need to do some cleaning so I don’t have to do it all Friday.

I’m still working on what some of my plans look like, but Friday definitely involves some baking (for ritual food for the next day).

Saturday: Coven Litha, plus whatever of my own work I want to do.

Sunday: Probably some extended meditation and book of shadows time at a minimum – I’m looking at how to detach some old habits that aren’t helping any more, especially around some household things and some money things.

Also, a lot of reading in there, because I have been unhappy with the number of books on my TBR list that I am not reading. And lounging around on the couch (or maybe outside on the patio) reading seems like a good addition to my summer, as well as the other necessary and important things going on.

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