Witch in Practice: Week 28

Updates on the site

One of the things I got done last weekend was adding several essays I’ve had mostly written for a while (um, months) and adding them to Seeking. Some of them are not terribly applicable to the world at the moment, but they’ll be handy for the future.

Last week

General: Jason Miller has made his Take Back Your Mind meditation course free through May 1. (Email and audio files)

On the practical front, Elise Matthesen, a dear friend, launched a Kickstarter to create a series of videos to share with other people how she does her wandering wire technique.

The Kickstarter is for the equipment and editing to do the filming – she’s been dealing with increasing health issues, so doing this sooner than later is also important. Anyone who backs at any level (including $1) will get access to the videos for a year (once they’re made!) before they are released for free to the public, but there are also all sorts of great perks available. (I’m the Jenett mentioned as helping with the keeping of numbers and lists.)

So my week involved a couple of conversations about that with her. Not explicitly witchy, but her techniques work excellently for ritual jewellery, and supporting my friends, definitely also important.

Tuesday: Did my usual new moon divination reading and a few other small things.

Saturday: Did a Zoom call with my coven – we started with some chat, then did the first half of the class on Healing (the next class we’d been planning on.)

We’re going to be alternating “I’ll have the Zoom room open and we can chat” and classes for April, Saturday mornings. It’s a work in progress – two of my folks are single parents, there’s a variety of living situations and other people’s needs in play. (I’m planning on writing up a “Coven in the time of Covid-19” article in a week or so, when I’ve had a chance to try a few more things.)

This week

Saturday: Chat with the coven on Saturday

Sunday: A consult for ongoing magical work/approaches on Sunday, along with an online ritual (led by the person who runs local public rituals.)

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