Witch in Practice: Week 26

Also known as “Half way through this project” and also “Wow, the world is complicated right now.”

Last week

Almost entirely taken up with prepping to be working from home for the forseeable future (at least April 10th, in my case), both in terms of work and in terms of grocery shopping, doing laundry, and so on. (I have no access to laundry without a laundromat or a laundry service other than ‘do in the sink’.)

I’m at high risk of lung complications (I have the kind of lungs that make my allergist eye me dubiously. A lot.) So my plan is to stay home as much as possible for the duration, barring some wide-open-air walks in the neighborhood and the bare minimum of errands for food and other necessities.

I’ve also got the edges of symptoms for something that had me feeling iffy on Sunday, and on and off today (minor things, but of course we’re all paying really close attention to all of that right now.)

Saturday: I sent out an email to my coven, just checking in, letting them know we wouldn’t likely be doing in person stuff for a bit, and to let me know if they wanted more resources for anything. And some notes about healing rituals, and what they could do without checking with me (we’re at a slightly weird point in training for that.)

This week

Getting used to working at home (I’m the kind of person who thinks a great vacation is being at home, sleeping late, and catching up on things, so the ‘being home’ is not actually a huge problem for me.) But figuring out how to set up my computer for long-term work (without having to log out of all my personal stuff) took some time.

We have a tradition-specific ritual that I do on the spring equinox every year, so I also need to prep for doing that. (I’m planning to do it on Sunday.)

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