Witch in practice: Week 2

Slightly later than last week, Sunday got away from me timewise.

This past week

I kept up with my daily offering and morning practice (which I swear I will talk about more shortly, honest. Still not this week.)

On Friday, I had the second meeting for a project in the Boston area – good conversation, though we’re definitely still in that stage of a new project where we’re trying to figure out what we’re doing. (I’m at “This is our second meeting, this is normal.)

Like sensible witches with busy Octobers, we are not attempting to meet in October, and I’m hosting our next meeting at the end of November.

Friday, I made the first of what I intend to be monthly offerings to my local food pantry in honour of Hekate (I forget where I heard this first, as an alternate approach to leaving food out – I can leave a tiny token amount outside my apartment, but don’t want to leave more than that.)

Saturday, I taught the second Dedicant class, which I call either “How the Craft is not like other learning” or “Better Pagan Research”, and covered a lot of things to think about. My dedicants have an ongoing set of deity research projects, so we talked about that specifically, as well as issues like people talking about their personal experiences of magic, ritual, and deity when looking for information.

Sunday, I did the longer offering I do once a week (generally on Sundays, when I’m reliably home and not extra busy) which involves some sort of food or drink (locally made mead, in this case), a candle, and incense.

I did a particular offering to the Archangel Michael, who has turned up in multiple readings for me in the past couple of years as a “hey, you might want to aim some attention this way” (the offering was very much a ‘this is your feast day, hi, here is a thing, let’s see how this goes’ mode.)

I also did a new moon Tarot reading, experimenting with a new spread, and I’ll see how that plays out this month (and talk about it if it seems promising, though it’s definitely one other people would need to adapt to their needs.) And a little meditative dancing, because I just could not muster the energy to leave the house, even though it was a gorgeous day.

(And then I did a bunch of writing and editing and sending notes out to people, and was up a tad too late, and overslept this morning, so that’s the kind of day it is today.)

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