Witch in Practice: Week 12

Last week

A fairly quiet week.

Wednesday: A brief check-in call related to one of my classes. The card drawn for it has me thinking a lot about what things I want to give my time to this coming year, and what things I don’t.

Thursday: I had coffee with a priestess I’ve met through some of the local community planning stuff I’ve been doing, and that was great.

One of the things I haven’t had since I left Minnesota was people to talk through some of the issues of group work with in person. (I have friends online who I can do that with, who are great, but it’s not quite the same thing as getting coffee.) It was really great to both do some of that, and look forward to being able to do more in the future.

Saturday and Sunday: I spent some quality time thinking about long-term goals with my new planner (one of the Dragontree Rituals for Living Dreambook line.) I keep most of my day to day tasks electronically, and I’m doing well with some long-term projects, but I wanted something to bridge the gap and help me make more progress on some things week to week or month to month.

I also did more note-taking work on the Sola Busca book, which keeps reminding me how much I love just setting aside time to dive into something in more depth and make sense of it in my head. Definitely a priority for the coming year.

This week

This week is full of medical appointments, and my focus in my planner for the week is “Get through all the necessary appointments with grace”. (None of them are dire, just one is awkwardly scheduled.)

On the religious and magical front:

Thursday: Online ritual and discussion for one of the courses I’m doing.

Saturday: Make-up class for someone who had to miss last Dedicant class at 9am, followed by Yule ritual and Dedicant class from 11-2. (After which I will probably fall over in a puddle.)

The week after

I’m taking Friday off (partly becuase I’m going to a public ritual in the evening, and so I can start resetting my sleep schedule to see if I have a chance of doing the Up All Night Ritual that The Cauldron forum does every year. It’s one of the pivot points of my personal ritual year.

(It’s open to anyone, but if you want to join us in the Discord channel, you’ll need to make a couple of posts on the forum to get access to that. Basic info here, more coming soon.)

And then I’m off work until January 2nd, with a long list of things I want to get done at home, some of which are explicitly witchy and magical.

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