Two new options

For those who might like to support my work, I’m offering two new ways to do that – Patreon and Ko-Fi.

(Right now, Patreon is set up with three monthly tiers, starting at $1 a month, and Ko-Fi is a one-time $3 payment. I’m open to adjusting these as I see what people are interested in, so please feel free to contact me with ideas.)

Many people have told me that Seeking has been a tremendous help to them over the years. I’d like to expand the resources there and make them available in more formats (like ebooks). That takes time and focus! 

I’d also like to take on some more intensive research projects. You know those lists of associations for herbs and stones and other objects used for magic and ritual? I want to explore the stories and associations of different objects (like rose quartz, rosemary, or frankincense) and trace them back through different historical sources. That’s a huge project, and it will take a lot of time, research materials, and planning. 

Your support through either site will help provide resources so I can spend more time on research, and help me buy books for that research. (And we’ll be realistic, it also will probably go to things like spending a bit more money on food I don’t have to take a lot of time to prep, to buy me more writing time…)

And a project

Along with some other (not Pagan) writing projects, I’m working on producing ebooks of content related to Seeking. Right now I’m toward the end of working on one about what religious witchcraft is and isn’t, and what people might want to know as they start considering it. (Similar to the material in the Beginning section here).

I plan to keep going, covering material in other sections (and some types of content not yet on the site). I’m also working on an ebook about hosting coven and witchy group activities (how to think about space, hosting supplies, cleaning schedules, and other practical issues).

I hope both of these will be out by October 2019 (possibly sooner!) Your support helps me free up time and resources so I can spend more time on writing, and every bit helps.

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