It came from the search terms (plus some updates)

My newsletter continues to be the best source for all the things I’ve written recently (plus other links and things of interest I’ve come across that fortnight) but I just added four new articles here:

Looking through the site statistics, I also thought it might be fun to take a look every so often and do some pointers and quick answers for things people were searching for. If you’ve got questions you’d like me to answer of that kind (where to find a thing or wondering whether I’d write something about a particular topic) feel free to contact me through the contact form.

It came from the search terms…

Here are some queries from the last quarter:


I had several queries about this: “honoring god and the goddesss”, “how to work with a deity”, “deities that work”. I have a series of articles up about deity work that will get you started with the first two. (You can find all three on the Doing page.)

The last one hits a question that’s come up a few times in other places – “I asked my deity for this thing, why didn’t it work”. That one’s on my list for an article sometime soon.

Witchcraft in practice

Queries for “religion and witch craft”, “how to practice wicca every day”.

I have an article on Daily Practices, and the Adapting section has a number of articles about adapations, especially the Chronic Illness and Pagan Practice article which has a number of low-exertion daily or regular practices.

Another query was “Steps to do a ritual”. Here’s my article on the steps of ritual. 

Another question was about “grounding spells”. I actually don’t consider grounding to be a ‘spell’, and this made me realise that explaining spells versus other kinds of magical work is an article I haven’t written yet! Added to my list. Grounding, however, has an article, and I just expanded it with a section on elemental grounding.

Questions not for this site!

“what do you put on a buddhist shrine”

And just baffling

“leprechaun at altar places” I’m still trying to figure out how to parse that one. (Maybe “What does it mean if you see a leprechaun near an altar?” or “where can you see a leprechaun at an altar?”)

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