Many updates and a whole new look

Between Solstice and Boxing Day, I overhauled the site! New things include:

  • New categories of pages
    • Beginning : basic terms and ideas to help you understand the rest of the site.
    • Building: how to begin to build a practice for yourself.
    • Doing: specific skills and practices in religious witchcraft
    • Learning: books, resources, and library information
    • Connecting : help with reaching out to groups and Pagan events.
    • Adapting : if you have specific needs, check this out for ideas and help.
    • Questions : common questions that didn’t fit in other places.
    • Concepts : quick links to key concepts like magic, ethics, and divination.
    • Resources : additional resources that you might find useful.
  • New graphics on each page that indicate what the focus of the page is.
  • Updating formatting to be consistent across all the pages of the site.
  • Updating tags, menus, and other navigational tools.

Basically all the pages that were here are still here, but some of them have been added to an archive page (and are not included in tag or the category pages linked at the top menu)

Besides the cosmetic updates, I’ve also added two pages, below, and added images to several others, including the tools page and the altar and shrine page. The new pages are:

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