Witch in Practice: Week 29

Slightly late this week, pardon.

Last week:

Thursday and Friday: I took two days vacation time, and played video games and read and generally worked on helping my brain reset a bit. It was really good.

Saturday: Coven chat (with one of my people) which was great.

Sunday: Online ritual, courtesy the Cornucopia Collective, a healing ritual focused on Horus. After the usual technical issues of “How do we do this sensibly”, it went well, with about 18 people there.

(I don’t often make it to their in-person rituals, because going out is always a tricky equation for me for health and stamina reasons, so that was great. Also, I’m thinking about how to tackle ritual for coven purposes for the foreseeable future.)

I also did some preparation for things in the “This week” section, and did some research and preparation for the first big tools discussion with my initiate on the 19th (athames!)

This week

I started on Monday working through Benebell Wen’s “22 Weeks with the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot“, which is a study and practice approach to her Spirit Keeper’s Tarot deck that includes tasks tied to each day (meditation on Monday, exercise on Tuesday, etc.)

Right now, I’m really wanting something that anchors me a bit more in “what day is it again?”. I already was doing some daily planetary focused work, so this seemed like a great way to expand. So far that’s going well.

Saturday: Class with my Dedicants, the second half of our healing class, and at least the beginning of our ritual theory class, part 2 (which is about ritual cycles and “when are the points we might want to do ritual” as opposed to part 1, which is “how do we do ritual, what is our circle structure doing?”

Since we’re doing it on Zoom, and I can screenshare, I am having fun prepping slides for it, since both topics have parts where visual aids are actually quite helpful.

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