Witch in Practice: Week 17

Last week

A quiet week, which was good. (I like those: I have a lot of projects I’m trying to get more done on.) The lunar eclipse and the Pluto-Saturn conjunction in the space weather both had me feeling a little off kilter over the weekend.

Saturday evening was spent at a friend’s house with a bread, cheese, and books party – it was a great format. (Bring bread, cheese, and a book you like, swap the book with someone else’s.)

I made cream scones from this super easy recipe from Budget Bytes, and I’m mostly mentioning it here because I’m trying to figure out the best way to get either yeast or honey into the recipe so I can use it as a ritual recipe. They came out flaky, light, and easy to chew, and the recipe freezes well, so ideal for ritual use. There are other recipes out there to adapt for different herbs or flavours. (I want to try rosemary and lemon sometime soon.)

I have a strong preference that the cakes and ale portion of ritual use food and drink with a fairly direct transformative option – yeast, yogurt, or honey all work well for me, but I’m not reliably up for baking bread on a timeline that works for having it for ritual. These were about 20 minutes of total attention, which is great.

Practical details: I also had an inquiry from someone interested in coven work (should anyone reading this be interested, it’s looking like the next round of getting stuff started will be over the summer.) I also made hotel reservations for Sacred Space/Between the Worlds in April, which I’m very much looking forward to. (I already had my registration.)

This week

So busy, but mostly in good ways.

Tuesday: Dinner with my initiate, who has been focusing on other parts of her life due to some health issues, and we’re excited to get to chat and catch up figure out what we do together next.

Wednesday: Online live call for a course.

Friday: Meeting for the ongoing project for more Boston-area Pagan stuff. (More to come in the not too distant future.)

And then the forecast suggests much snow on Saturday, so I am not planning to go out if I can help it.

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