Protection practices

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One question is a classic when it comes to magical discussions – someone is concerned that someone else has been doing unwanted magic to affect them, and wants it to stop. This essay summarises a number of possible responses to this as well as talking about general protection practices. Continue reading

Taking inventory

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Before you set out on a new religious journey, it’s probably a good time to stop and check in with yourself about what your life looks like now. These questions should give you a starting point, but feel free to add any others to your own list that make sense to… Continue reading

What path am I?

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On the forums I spend time on, one of the most common kinds of early questions is someone coming in and saying “Here’s what I believe, what path am I?” It’s a totally understandable question, especially for people coming from Christianity (where nuances of belief are often a big dividing… Continue reading

Feeling silly

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When you read books about Wicca or witchcraft, you see lots of them talk about doing some specific motions, or saying some words. Often, those things seem pretty silly. And yet, lots of books talk about them. And so do lots of teachers, and lots of groups that have been… Continue reading

Home, sacred home…

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Taking care of your own energy is one thing, but what about your space? Just as you do, the space you live in picks up energy and emotions. Often, we bring these things in ourselves, with the stress we bring home from work (or school), from news stories, or from things… Continue reading

Developing will

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One thing you’ll see come up over and over again is the idea that you need to develop your will in order to do effective magic – and many forms of effective ritual. Doing it, however, is not always easy. Continue reading

Ways you learn best

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One concept in educational theory that’s gotten a lot of attention in the last decade or so is the idea of multiple intelligences – the idea that different people learn best in different ways. The research is a little more complicated, but my own experience, and those of students (both… Continue reading

Visualisation and meditation

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One of the most potent ideas in magic and ritual is creating what we want to have happen in our minds, so that we can focus and direct our energy into making it happen. (This is just as true when we’re talking about practical goals as magical ones, of course.)… Continue reading