The Research Process

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The research methods many people were taught in school is not very helpful for many other kinds of research, and this is perhaps particularly true for research for religious projects. This article briefly describes an approach that may work better for you and some other tips. Continue reading


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This page collects some useful resources I use and refer to regularly. I believe in reading widely: including a resource here doesn’t mean I agree with everything there (I don’t!) but that it has useful information, resources, discussion, or other material. Bookmarks I maintain an online collection of bookmarks for… Continue reading


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Many people who are exploring religious witchcraft want to know what they should read next. Others want to know how to dig into other kinds of reading and research, like academic sources, or whether their library will be any use. Often, evaluating books or other resources (like Wikipedia) can be… Continue reading

Hidden aspects of Wikipedia

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Wikipedia, as you probably know, is a massive crowd-sourced encyclopedia of knowledge. Like any other human project, it’s not perfect, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be useful. This article is here to help you learn some more about tools, some ways Wikipedia can help you learn, and some things… Continue reading

Evaluating an academic article

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Many people look to academic articles to learn things about historical practices of Pagan or polytheistic or pre-Christian cultures. However, sometimes people try to make academic articles do things they’re not designed for, or don’t know how to evaluate an article in the context of its field. This essay is… Continue reading

How academic publishing works

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One thing I see a lot of confusion about is academic articles (and publishing in general) and how it works. A lot of people assume that if it’s an academic journal article it must be right or have all of the relevant information – and that’s not a great assumption!… Continue reading

Research – getting less common material

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Once you start learning about specific subjects (especially more obscure ones), you’re probably going to hit a point where free online resources and what’s in your local public library just aren’t enough. This article talks about some other options, including databases, interlibrary loan, accessing academic or other specialised libraries, and some… Continue reading