Protection practices

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One question is a classic when it comes to magical discussions – someone is concerned that someone else has been doing unwanted magic to affect them, and wants it to stop. This essay summarises a number of possible responses to this as well as talking about general protection practices. Continue reading

Tarot – an introduction

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Many books have been written on the topic of Tarot, so this is only a very general summary – essentially, enough to make some sense out of the questions “Why might I be interested?” and “When I read conversations about it, what are these terms people are using?” Continue reading


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As you read various books and websites, you’ll start seeing (if you haven’t already) long lists of how this plant is associated with this planet, or that deity, or that day of the week, or that concept (love, prosperity, healing, whatever.) These are called ‘correspondences’. One magical theory is that… Continue reading

The elements

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Chances are, by this point in your reading, you’ve come across people referring to the elements in terms of Pagan practice. This article talks about why they’re relevant and useful. Continue reading


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Grounding is the term used broadly in the Pagan community to talk about getting rid of excess energy that we have picked up, and also to replenish our energy when it is low. Continue reading

Energy and you

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There’s energy all around us – science tells us this. But a number of traditions also teach that other kinds of things have energy: living beings, plants, crystals and rocks, all sorts of things. As witches, many of us believe that we can both sense the energies in these things… Continue reading