Art in ritual

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There are many different ways to use art (or objects that are also art) in rituals – but how do you get started? And what can you do with some simple items if you don’t have much to start with? This article has ideas and practical options. Continue reading

My altar tools and setup

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One comment I’ve gotten from people is that it’d be lovely to see actual images of tools. Because items may change over time, though, I’d rather have a single place where I describe them (and can update easily), rather than have it scattered across the site. This is obviously an… Continue reading

Structuring your learning

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One of the things about learning Witchcraft is that you need to learn how to teach yourself. That’s a skill many of us didn’t get taught – and then here we are, wanting to build a very big project, and not knowing how to break it down. This essay has… Continue reading

Altars and shrines

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What’s an altar? How is it different from a shrine? If you’re confused by these and other questions, you’re definitely not alone. Here’s some help in sorting out the differences and what might be helpful practices. Continue reading

The elements

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Chances are, by this point in your reading, you’ve come across people referring to the elements in terms of Pagan practice. This article talks about why they’re relevant and useful. Continue reading

Critical reading and Pagan books

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[author’s note: I wrote this essay in 2001, very early on in my serious exploration in the Pagan community. Since then, I’ve had far more group work, finished a Master’s in Library and Information Science, and have had a lot of thoughts about how I might edit and expand the… Continue reading

Daily Practices

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Beginning to develop a daily (or regular) practice is a great way to get started. By building things into our everyday life, we learn to live the values of our religion, and it gets easier and easier to integrate into everything we do. Daily practices (or at least regular ones)… Continue reading