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This page collects articles about common (and less common but still useful) questions I’ve heard over the years. If you have other questions you’d like to hear about, feel free to contact me and suggest them! Larger world: Visiting other people’s religious spaces : advice for attending services and looking… Continue reading

Ritual food and drink

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Many people include food or drink as part of ritual itself. In some groups and practices, this is part of the Great Rite (blessing the cup and bread). In other groups and practices, it’s part of a simpler, more general, shared blessing and symbolic community meal. The question is, though,… Continue reading

Why a year and a day?

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People have gotten the idea that in order to be a witch (or a religious witch, or a Pagan, or whatever), you simply need to study for a year and a day. And that that time frame is really fixed – you can’t take longer. The reality is a bit… Continue reading

Does it matter?

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Over time, I’ve seen people ask questions about issues that don’t necessarily matter as much as they look like at first glance. Paganism isn’t quite like anything else – so some legal, religious, and organizational structures don’t actually help groups or teachers function well. Below are a few things you… Continue reading

Names (and what to call people)

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People sometimes wonder where the names come from. It’s quite common for people in the Pagan community to pick a different name from the one their parents gave them for a variety of reasons. Some of these include privacy, values around the power of names and words, names as a… Continue reading