Witch in Practice: Week 45

Again, I forgot it was Monday yesterday. (In my defense, I had a nasty headache all day. Weather plus outside construction are not a good combo for me.)

Recent additions to the site

I also did cleanup on both the Beginning section, and the Concepts section (there’s two articles that actually live in other categories linked from there: I’ll be getting to them in due time.)

Last week

Saturday: Approximately all the teaching on Saturday (Dedicant class about covens and coven roles, Seeker class that I refer to as “Playing well with others”, about ethics and etiquette. The latter feels a bit weird to do right now, given we’re not likely to have larger community events

I am slowly working my way through other reading and learning project. Emphasis on the slow.

Next week

Friday: Baking bread. For…

Saturday: Our (socially distanced) Lammas ritual. I’m very sad we don’t get to go do Lammas with friends as well as the coven ritual. That features the best ritual pig sacrifice ever: a pinata filled with all manner of things, including divinatory tokens and tokens for things that should not go in a pinata (books, bottles of mead…)

It’s great for including kids (toddlers and up), and a lot of fun. But not this year, alas. (They’re still doing one as a household, but no guests, for the obvious reasons.)

Anyway, I am probably baking cottage cheese dill bread (with scallions, because why not scallions).

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