Witch in Practice: Week 44

(In which I sort of forgot yesterday was Monday, despite calendars and it being a work day and all.)

First, I realised that Seeking turns ten years old in August! I have some plans for highlighting and celebrating things, but if you’re reading this and you have an idea for how to do that, let me know.

It’ll probably be six weeks or so of highlighting different stuff and maybe some fun new page launches depending on what I get written, running from August 12th (the earliest page on my site) to my birthday at Mabon (because why not.)

Last week

More on my astrology notetaking.

Saturday: Great discussion with my initiate, some plans for the coming year that are adaptable around the current physical weirdness and limitations, and plans for our Lammas ritual.

Later, a conversation with a friend about organisational tools, and then me asking him some questions about what it’d take to do a staff the way I want. I have a really good idea what I want to do right now, though it’ll take some time for me to get it pulled together (and, um, build the skills to do the thing I want.)

This week

All the potential Seekers coming out of the woodwork, interestingly. (Which means more email for me.) There is something of a time crunch involved, since I’d look to start Dedicant classes

Saturday: Both Dedicant class (our penultimate one, about covens!) and Seeker class. Lots of teaching for me, and not much planned for after.

I’m starting to work through some editing of pages on Seeking (I’ve done the Beginning pages so far, if you want to take a look – standards for formatting, cleaning up some header issues, and adding some pale grey boxes calling out things that are specifically parts of my practice and how I do them, plus a more thorough Resources section at the end as relevant.

Next up, the Concepts section.

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