Witch in Practice: Week 43

Last week

During the week:

My week was sort of chaotic with a set of annoyances – nothing hugely awful, just a pile of weird. My internet went out (I get it via my landlord), of course on the day when I had a full day online meeting. (My phone data plan is not happy with me now, but my landlord went and got a replacement modem before lunch, and it’s been much better.)

I had a weird mess-up in my order of diet Coke (I got lime seltzer instead, which I will actually cheerfully drink, but which does not solve my caffeine intake problem.) A new set of headphones is refusing to behave (currently waiting for a reply to the support request). They’re doing construction on a patio for my landlord’s family, which means there are construction noises approximately 3 feet from my head at 7:30 in the morning (and these days I have been getting up at 8.) None of these are huge, but in combination…

Actual productiveness: More working on astrology monograph notes. And working on the writing productivity class I’m doing, which is producing some useful insights about the witchy side of my life, as well.

Saturday: We had Dedicant class (our second from last class), on the tradition history, what makes a witchcraft tradition, and our “meet a deity” meditation. (The latter went successfully for everyone, so that’s nice.)

This meant I ended up rounding up a bunch of notes about the history that I had somehow lost in the intervening year and change, but now I have them securely in multiple places.

We were supposed to have Seeker class later on Saturday, and Initiate discussion on Sunday, but the former got cancelled (one of my two Seekers had a job interview, which is a great reason not to be at class, but I do not like teaching class twice if I can possibly avoid it)

Next week:

Writing productivity class is ongoing (through July) and I am expecting that to eat a chunk of my time this week.

I am working on revamping part of my shrine (related to the writing projects – I needed a bigger bulletin board to pin things on), and will be doing that for the new moon. I also have some things on order for something else for my bedroom to balance my shrine there.

Saturday, we have the rescheduled initiate discussion, and I should do some final notes before that.

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