Witch in Practice: Week 42

Last week

You may have noticed that things look a little different around here. I spent time (about 8 hours, oy) doing graphics revamps, moving some things to the archive page, and taking notes on what things I should really get around to writing sooner than later.

(If there’s a topic you wish I’d write about, now is a good time to tell me. I give priority to things that are part of my own practice in some way, but I’ll also sometimes talk about things I don’t do if they’re things that come up enough.)

I also have plans to go through the current articles, update the formatting (including adding a Pinterest-friendly image to the bottom), and some other cosmetic things.

Other than that, I spent bits of the time during the week doing some astrology reading and notetaking, had a very low-key full moon Tarot reading, and did a bit of cooking. All good.

I had Friday off work for the holiday, and today off work (a carry over from a day everyone else had on the 26th).

Next week

Saturday: Dedicant class (tradition history, what makes a tradition anyway, and some deitiy-focused work), and Seeker class (the one I refer to, not quite jokingly, as “Plays well with others”, ethics and etiquette.)

Sunday: Initiate discussion on tools.

Also a lot of work-related meetings including an almost all day one on Thursday, whee.

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