Witch in practice: Week 40

Last week

So many things! I took Friday (and this Monday) off from work, due to close timing of summer solstice, the new moon, and an eclipse. (This was a good call, self!)

Friday: (And the days previous). All the cleaning. I also baked this honey cake on Friday evening with the addition of a tablespoon of orange extract, a splash of rose water, and a good sprinkle of cardamom. Cardamom makes everything better. Here’s a photo of the result.

Saturday: Coven solstice ritual, which for our tradition is often a look at what the group vision looks like for the coming year (as opposed to our own personal goals). We drew Tarot cards, talked about them, and had a great conversation.

Sunday: Bottling some infused oils, and my new moon Tarot reading and other work.

Also a lot of book editing, in my ongoing fiction writing. (I’m getting better at the process, but having four days to focus on editing without the day job was fantastic.)

This week

I just posted two more parts of my Coven in the time of Coronavirus series, one on risks and considerations, and one on activities and alternatives.

Saturday: Dedicant class on Pagan arts (including music) – always fun! And then the first Seeker class. (Note to self: have plenty handy to drink, that’s a lot of talking.)

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