Witch in Practice: Week 36

Time is hard, and even harder when it’s a long weekend.

Last week

Not a lot of specific magic in the week, except for bottling the oils that had been on my altar for a full lunar month, and mixing them into a blend to try out.

(It’s doing a month on my altar now, so I’ll see what I really think about it in June. It’s meant to be a home and abundance blessing oil, with a mix of things that I had in the house in sufficient quantities, mixed in olive oil.)

My cat (spoiler, currently doing fine, and curled up by my knee being adorable) had dental work on Thursday that ended up with them pulling all of her teeth. (She had the thing cats sometimes get where they start reabsorbing their teeth, and once they had her under anaesthetic, it became clear all of them had some issues.) Cats apparently do just fine after full extractions, and she’s certainly bounced back quickly after a few days of curling up in the cat carrier.

It was, however, rather distracting all round for a bit. She doesn’t meow much (she was poorly socialised as a kitten, and meowing is a thing cats have to learn to do) but she makes a surprising amount of noise around the place despite that.

Here’s an earlier picture of her, with teeth. (She’s all black, so getting good photos of her is hard. Also, her front legs were shaved for the IV, so she looks extra ridiculous.)

A black cat with clear pale green eyes, lying on her back on a light grey cat tree, with her head down at the bottom left of the picture, looking at the camera. Her front paws are tucked up against her chest.

Next week:

Class on Saturday for my Dedicants, about ritual language, plus a conversation after that with a potential student for the next round of training.

(We are planning on physically distancing for the foreseeable future: my baseline for ‘doing coven stuff in person’ is currently ‘sometime after I am back in the office again physically regularly’. But the initial conversations can start, at least, and we’ll figure it out as we go along.)

Also hopefully getting a book to publication (this is my seventh, so this is no longer a scary new thing.)

Near future

I realised today that the new moon, the summer solstice, and a lunar eclipse all overlap this year, and decided to take a little time off work so I have more time for ritualing and thinking.

(I am currently rolling in vacation time, since I didn’t take the 10 days I’d been saving for April, just two of them, and I won’t be using a week in July, either, though I’ll probably aim at another long weekend in late July or early August.)

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