Witch in Practice: Week 35

Last week:

Tarot class for my dedicants on Saturday which is always a fun one.

I also let them know that I don’t foresee doing things in person any time soon, because there’s no way to have enough distance in my apartment in a way that makes sense.

Depending on how local restrictions go (Massachusetts is being cautious about opening up, which I am entirely fine with), we might try something outside later in the summer, so we can at least see each other, but transit is also a consideration here.

We did talk a bit about what that might mean for initiation. Because of the details of that ritual (the initiate doesn’t need to touch much, and while there needs to be some direct contact, it could be just me and them), that might be an acceptable level of risk for both of us when a group gathering wouldn’t be.

We don’t actually have to make any decisions about this until early August (the earliest anyone could ask for initiation is mid-August, after our last class), so we have time to figure out the criteria in which we’re willing to go ahead.

For the ongoing future, we are going to do Sabbats synchronously (via Zoom), and I am going to work up some full moon rituals that we can do independently and then discuss. (I need to get my act together and figure that out this weekend.)

This week

My cat has dental extractions on Thursday. (Good thoughts appreciated: her name is Astra: she is entirely black and hard to photograph, hence the lack of photos.)

I’ve got an interesting but somewhat complex work project (teaching online for an hour to students who could be from grade 3-12, with a wide range of intellectual skills and backgrounds). I’m looking forward to it, but I’m making sure I leave mental energy for it.

Saturday: I’m doing our continuing tools initiate discussion. I need to do a bit more work before that.

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