Witch in Practice: Week 34

Not a lot new this week – I hit “I am trying to do way too much stuff, let’s stop and see what actually makes sense here” early last week.

My current goals:

Trying some different approaches to managing to-do items and daily planning so that I feel better about the amount of work I get done. (Both the stuff for pay and the various other projects.) I’ve had a lot of staring at a screen not having anything happen, which is both not great for doing the things I need, and makes me feel lousy.

Keeping up with the qi gong which I’m both enjoying and finding to be a good choice for me for movement and exercise.

Keeping on top of the stuff I want to do for coven and personal practice: I am keeping up with my daily practice (including agitating the oils infusing on my altar) and I’m looking forward to straining and bottling them on the next new moon. (I have all sorts of pretty glass bottles to put things in now!)

This week

Dedicant class on Saturday: I spent time over the weekend putting together some slides. The class is on Tarot, so it’ll be some talking through stuff, and some holding some of my decks up to the screen, plus I plan to do (and photograph) a reading Saturday morning before class so we can talk through interpretations.

(Two readings, probably: I plan to do a three card draw and a Celtic Cross so they can see how a simpler spread and a more complex one work.)

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