Witch in Practice: Week 32

Last week:

I’m continuing with my 22 Weeks with the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot deck working: I’m particularly enjoying the daily tasks (and it’s helping me remember whether today is Monday or Wednesday or whatever.)

I’ve also been doing more qi gong, which I’m really liking, as it’s hitting that mix of ‘moving my body gently’ and ‘space for some flow and meditation’ and also, I hope, being part of ongoing vitality work.

Saturday: I had two rounds of coven things on Saturday. We had Dedicant class (ritual theory 2, or the Wheel of the Year and other kinds of structures for ritual), plus talking a little about plans for Beltane, and how that might work.

This week:

Friday: I’m hoping to get up for dawn, to walk down to the nearby pond and watch the sun come up, though the weather forecast is not looking terribly promising right now. (I have done my lifetime share of Beltane in the rain.)

Saturday: We are doing our coven ritual (online, naturally), and we’ll see how that goes.

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